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Yesbikers AUOB Dumfries

Thu, 31/05/2018 - 22:10 - Admin

9:30 saturday 2nd june at Abington services is the meetup point for the yesbikers contingent. We'll have the newly delivered yesbikers flags available at Abington.

From Abington services, we will be heading down the B7076 then joining the A701 into Dumfries along the A75 to the retail park to meet riders coming on the A76, quick coffee stop then ride together to white sands, it's a decent ride and 125 friendly.

The route for riders heading down with us from Abington services is:
Heading out on the A702 onto the B7076 this road follows the motorway and was very clear so we should all stay together, be aware at some parts the road is slightly uneven and can give you a bit of a wobble in places not much but worth a mention. Following this route down to the roundabout just outside Moffat when we join the A701 all the way into Dumfries. We will continue into the A75 and at the second large roundabout we will be turning off onto the A76 turning into the retail park. We will park up In the Tesco car park next to the KFC. All the sop points are Tarmac'd carparks.

A Route map into white sands will be put up please have a look just in case the pack splits, a full briefing will be given before we set off and we will also have a copy with us for anyone that's unsure.

We will get to the white sands car park in Dumfries about 12.00 to meet the parade as it passes.

We'll also have a stall this time at the end of the march in the park at the rally.

Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 09:30 to 12:30