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Committee statement.

By Admin, 18/07/2017 - 15:06

Behind every organisation that successfully carries out their mission statement, Is a team of dedicated and often unsung workers. These guys who must all pull in the same direction to score or at least assist in scoring the winning goal.

YesBikers are no exception to this rule and we do so on our mission, with a joint effort but the single aim.
We push for Scottish Independence and do it our way. We welcome all riders of two or three wheels to join us.

Invariably the members of our council will from time to time feel exhausted as the demands of the position take their toll.

One member, in particular, is our former top spokesman and leader Chris Graham. To say that Chris has tirelessly campaigned for Yes Bikers and Independence would be an understatement. It's time, however, to let Chris regroup and recover a little and we hope he will come back to the ranks refreshed.

The very first ride Outs were down to The work of Adrian Stapleton, Martin and Marti Morrison under the guise of β€œYes Rideout's”. The lucky break came when Creag Thompson came along.
Creag did a great Job in developing the Idea and formally giving the group the Yes Bikers moniker we know today.

Creag led the team well on many rideouts and when he needed to hand the leading and development to Chris.

The time, however, has come to formulate a new working council. In an attempt to spread the burden, the YesBikers won't have the usual hierarchy of the biker clubs. No President or vice. We will instead have a council who will ensure that everything we do we do it in the very best interest of Scotland and of Yes Bikers

We wish to thank outgoing council members Chris and John McHarg for all their work and support and hope to see you become riders again in time.

On behalf of the remaining YesBikers committee members, we thank you guys and we thank all riders and supporters as we reshape and reconstitute, to become a more unified and stronger voice for the YesBikers and Scottish independence.

Thanks Guys