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All Under One Banner Edinburgh 2018

Sat, 13/10/2018 - 03:00 - Admin

All Under One Banner Edinburgh 2018

Just footage of the YesBikers for Scottish Independence from the All Under One Banner March this year. It was incredible to be part of this. There were over 290 bikes leaving from Edinburgh airport Park & Ride plus lots of riders joining us on the way. If anyone wants to count from 7 minutes and 15 seconds you go ahead do feel free, comment your totals on the video.
When it gets to around 17 minutes and you see me put the visor down, it's not because it was a really emotional and touching moment that made my eyes mist up. It was because someone was like chopping onions nearby my helmet and there was some dust and pepper in the air or something. Definitely wasn't tearing up with tens of thousands waving Saltires.
So proud to be with my friends and family in the YesBikers.

PS I broke down at the end. W shall blame some poor wiring on my mates Bike that I borrowed down the road. Not his fault. Piss poor wiring Is say!