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Independence Ride out 3rd of June 2017

Mon, 05/06/2017 - 19:44 - Admin

Independence Ride out 3rd of June 2017

On the 3rd of June 2017 over 150 YesBikers rode from Coatbridge to Glasgow Green through the streets to the sounds of horns, sirens and waves from the people of Glasgow and arrived to meet with 15000 marchers to show that Scottish independence is still very much in the hearts and minds of Scotland.
I recorded as much as i could on my helmet cam here edited it down (poorly) to the following video.
I hope you enjoy.

First few minutes is my ride from the hotel to the meet up, along with a song.
03:10 - Meet up arrival + a few pics
04:45 - Start of ride out then about ten minutes of riding to town
16:50 - Start of next music parts (pipe music, cheesy but awesome) followed by start of ride through streets
27:40 - Approaching The Rangers bars, possibly my favourite part. We made sure they heard us.
The rest is riding through the streets to lots of waves and cheers til arriving at the green at 38:25, where my helmet cam died (sorry!) then just a few pics of the Green.

Thanks! See you all next time.