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The YesBikers is a not for profit organisation run for the good of our members by a committee of dedicated volunteers who spend hundreds of hours of their own time keeping the YesBikers riding.

We sell items mainly to get our name out there, we sell as cheaply as we can and add a little bit on to cover other expenses, any money made out of selling YesBikers gear or donations is spent on advertising our events, promoting our group and furthering the Scottish independence cause. All of the efforts of the YesBikers are done on a voluntary basis, none of the members or committee benefits financially from running the YesBikers and take no money for ourselves (not even petrol).

We welcome all types of bike on our events, including scooters, trikes, quads, three-wheelers etc. You don't need to wear a patch to join us or even put a flag or sticker on your bike (although it looks cooler if you do). All walks of life are welcome, all ages, all genders, all religions or none. We're a friendly bunch.

We are not a club, an MC or MCC nor are we affiliated with any political party or other groups. Theres no formal membership or requirements to wear our logo patch or to join us on our indy rideouts, just turn up it's a good day out.

For all enquiries please contact the YesBikers committee.
E-mail: [email protected]

See the yesbikers charter here for more info.

YesBikers History


The very first independence biker ride outs were down to the work of Martin and Marti Morrison with the help of Adrian Stapleton, under the guise of β€œYes Rideout's”.

The lucky break came when Creag Thompson came along. Creag did a great Job in developing the idea and formally giving the group the Yes Bikers moniker we know today.


Creag led the team well on many rideouts and when he needed to, handed the leading and development to former top spokesman and leader Chris Graham.

Chris has tirelessly campaigned for Yes Bikers and Independence and grew the YesBikers profile and following in his time as leader.


When the demands of the position burned out another indy freedom fighter it was time for a change of structure. The YesBikers is now run by a committee of 3, Tony Dunlop, John Taylor and Colin "indy" Lawrie with a great deal of support from other members of the YesBikers without who's support we could not continue.

YesBikers doesn't have the usual hierarchy of the biker clubs. No President or vice. We instead have a council who will ensure that everything we do we do it in the very best interest of Scotland and of Yes Bikers.

Since then we are the only group that has continued onwards pushing the Biker cause for Independence.

We attend as many pro-indy rallies and events that we can, moreover, we aim to share content which holds the truth and helps no Voters understand the overwhelming positives that the Yes movement has at its core.


The YesBikers continued to grow under the new committee, we attended 14 separate indy events. Culminating in the biggest rideout yet in Edinburgh for the last indy rally of the season with 300 bikes present.


2019 was a busy year for the YesBikers. We attended 17 separate indy events in all corners of the country including the largest ever political march in Scotland in Edinburgh.