Bring the thunder


YesBikers was set up by Creag Thomson prior to the referendum in 2014 after he felt the other Yes Biker related groups were not being effective enough in the push for Independence.

Since then we are the only group that has continued onwards pushing the Biker cause for Independence.

We attend as many pro-indy rallies that we can, moreover, we aim to share content which holds the truth and helps No Voters understand the overwhelming positives that the Yes movement has at its core.

We are not affiliated with any political party or other groups.

The YesBikers is a not for profit organisation run by a committee of volunteers.

Any money made out of selling YesBikers gear or donations is spent on advertising our events and furthering the Scottish independence cause. None of the members or committee benefit personally from running the YesBikers and take no money for ourselves (not even petrol).

For all enquiries please contact the YesBikers committee.
E-mail: [email protected]